Distant Thunder

By Laurence E Rutt

It has been a very long time since I have been so deeply moved by the kind of truth and passion that touches every one of Larry’s pieces.
~Orlanda Szabo

Rutt’s poetry commands the reader to delve deep into the self for answers to poignant questions, yet provides soothing touches of deep love. The brutality and heart scarring experiences of war lie restless yet peacefully within the oft caressing prose. Rutt’s poetry should be read in silent contemplation, discussed over coffee and shared in memorial gardens. This collection is a ‘must have’.
~Ishbel Moore

About Laurence E Rutt
Laurence E Rutt was born in Springhill, Nova Scotia on the 19 October 1947. He currently resides in Manitoba in the beautiful Interlake District of Manitoba. Laurence retired from the Canadian Forces in Oct 2007 after forty-three years of service and has published one volume of poetry entitled “A Celtic Rose, Volume I, NightWings”. Laurence can be contacted through his website at laurencerutt.com
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One Response to “Distant Thunder”

  1. davry armstrong (a friend of larry) Says:

    larry thank you for the books can wait till book three

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