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T. Masters-Heinrichs

I’m an avid reader who enjoys writing mysteries, science fiction, thrillers, fantasy and magic realism. My works have appeared in Voices: Journal of the Lake Winnipeg Writers’ Group, and the Prairie Parent.

Having lived my entire life on or near water, I now resides on Medicine Creek, in the Manitoba Interlake, with my husband Curtis, our two children, two cats in constant need of affection, one neurotic Border Collie, a geriatric gecko and one large rabbit that seems to be getting bigger.

I have completed my first novel for publication, "Blood Is Black In Moonlight", a supernatural mystery set in the modern world. I’m now experiencing the joys of the editorial process and I hope the book will hit bookstores late 2010.

“When I write, I’m writing to have my stories read. I believe as a writer I’m creating a contract with the reader. My job is to supply a great story, the best that I can. My goal is entertainment. I want people to be entertained by what I write. My hope is for people who read my work to say, hey, I read this story and it was great. For me that is the greatest compliment a writer can get, someone just walking up and saying, hey, I really enjoyed that story you wrote. And if I’m doing it right then my work will sell.”

Favourite authors include Neal Stephenson (Snow Crash), Jim Butcher (Dresden Files), Arthur Conan-Doyle (Sherlock Holmes), J.R.R. Tolkien (Lord of the Rings), J.A. Konrath (the Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels Mysteries), Fred Saberhagen (Berserker Series), Kathy Reichs (Tempe Brennan Forensic Mysteries) and Keith Laumer ( Bolos Books: though other authors have also written some excellent work in this universe).

Favourite shows and their writers (& sometimes producers) include the creators and writers of: the ‘Firefly’ and ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ series by Joss Whedon, ‘Babylon 5’ series by J. Michael Straczynki, the U.S. navy series N.C.I.S. by Don Bellisario, and ‘Star Trek:The Next Generation’ and ‘Enterprise’ by Gene Roddenberry.

Publications and Stories by T. Masters-Heinrichs:

Don’t Worry, It’s Just the Wind

29 Dec 2011 Filed in Feature Publications & Our Publications
Don’t Worry, It’s Just the Wind

Ten Stories of the Supernatural Wind – Ethan Frick should have known, the past always comes back to haunt you … The Hand of Fate – Fate shows that there’s no such thing as the perfect victim … or the perfect killer. The Caddy – The green fees are high, when vengeance from the past visits the Bower Golf and Country Club … Thaw – Who ever said a dog is man’s best friend never met Bo … The Mill – Can information from the future trap a killer in the past … The Impressionist – Forced to known a child’s suffering at the hands of serial killer, balanced on the edge of madness, can she deliver justice4 before the next life is destroyed … Masquerade – Donavan just needed to make a few extra dollars, now he might be the death of the party … Friends – You never … Continue reading

A Chat At the Door

08 Apr 2009 Filed in Short Stories

Mason stepped through the doorway of the bookstore called ‘the Door’. He was not amused. “We’re closing in five minutes,” called a voice from the back. He walked, running a hand down the wooden counter that ran the full length of the room, halfway he stopped. Shelves lined every wall. A grandfather clock showed two minutes to nine. Books and vials, crystals and stones were stacked here and there. A shelf filled with small colored jars brought a shadow of unwanted memories from his youth. But it was the smell of incense, not sulfur, that lingered throughout. Behind the counter a bead screen hung in the doorway. A life pulsed behind those beads, a woman. His hunger beat in time to her heart. Eyes roving the shelves, he remembered a time when books were a rare privilege. The room was bright and well lit, too well lit. His hand drifted … Continue reading